52 Weeks of Allie (2016)

I started the 52 Week challenge after reading about habit building on Nerd Fitness coupled with the epiphany I had last December. I also joined the Nerd Fitness Academy some time ago and am learning a lot through there as well.

I can’t ignore my health anymore. My Mom said “it’s the year of Allison” because I always have a habit of putting other people before me. I took that to heart. I don’t recognize that person in the mirror anymore. I’m battered both physically and emotionally.

My biggest downfall is having the illusion that I can “do it all” after one day. Psh. That’s why we have the weekly challenges I put for myself for my character.

Note: As of week 31, I am going by monthly goals (still listed as weeks in post)

Challenges and Summaries

NOTE: Yes, I literally “gave up” at 78%. Shame, I know.