About Allie

Hello, my name is Allie.

Currently, I’m 32 years old. I have two college degrees and a shit ton of debt (but hey, don’t get me wrong; I knew what I was getting into). I’m currently searching for work (yet again).

I’m also obese (as the kids say, “AF”) and am trying to lose weight. My starting weight is 311.50  342 pounds. My plan is to lose weight safety at about 1 pound a week for 2018.

For my (unfortunate) 2016 journey summary, click here.

I have a lot of interests outside of weight loss, including video games, studying the paranormal (i.e., not screaming OMG ORB every three seconds), reading, writing and taking care of five cats.

Yes, five (from the left: Buck, Autumn, Boo, Blue and Star; Star is the black cat)

There’s a whole lot of fuzz up in this piece. And cat poop.

I truly am tired of being fat. I lost weight before, but I gained most of it back and this time, I mean business. No more eating fast food, making excuse after excuse for my behaviors. No more “meh, I’ll exercise tomorrow” BS. It’s now or never!

Here I am on Nerd Fitness: https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/12511



      1. Well you start being able to do a bit. Then you do a bit more. And by the end you can do the whole thing.

        Just remember that exercise hurts – it’s supposed to.

        Good luck with it all mate 🙂

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